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by Flounder

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(free) 03:01


released March 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Flounder Weirton, West Virginia

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Track Name: Coffee and Cigarettes
Told my doctor I was depressed, he prescribed coffee and cigarettes to me.
And, I'm always under-dressed, can't find motivation to impress you today.

Because, I'm always thinking maybe there will be more time and I can't figure out why these things are running through my mind. But, let's go out tomorrow, because, today I'm staying in bed. But, first let's get some coffee and cigarettes.

Haven't felt my heart beat in a while. I don't see reflections in the water crack a smile anymore.
Maybe, it's my lack of desire. Maybe, it's my willingness to set myself on fire. I don't care anymore.


Told my family, "I'm not sick!" I don't think for a second they believed me and I'm always talking shit, I'm so god damn conceited for no reason.

Track Name: Black Eyes
Woke up from the worst fucking dream I've ever had. It was about every moment I survived before I had you back and I kicked my self for ever letting you go from me. But, once again, I'm alone and I'm thinking too much.

Everything I ever knew, everything that held me back from suicide has walked out the door, now I'm on my knees and my heads on the floor.

My hands are shaky and my cheeks are wet, there is nothing that I can regret. I can't take back my decision now. There is nothing that I can regret.

So, take it back, I'm ready to hear you say that nothing ever really mattered. I'm sick of seeing you everyday.

My friends and family crowd a church corridor. You won't see my face anymore. So, put those pennies on my eyes, I knew what I was doing so please don't cry.

Repeat chorus+hailing the dark lord
Track Name: Wasted
Everything, every piece of stone and metal sheet are under the water now.
Every tool, every fucking tool I used to build this ship of love and dreams is under the water now.

So, I'm wasted, alone forever gone and done.

Cancer sinks into my frozen lungs and now I'm forced to think of everything that I could've been.

Now, I'm wasted, alone forever, gone and done.

Now, I'm sitting here alone, now I'm underneath my throne.

( repeat last 2 verses)
Track Name: Skwid is a God.
HEY! Let's give it up for Skwid! He's a rebel, atheist, and he's one hell of a kid and I'm so glad I don't have to live one second without him.

But, if you were to go. Well, I don't like to think about it, but, I want you to know that you're what's kept me going this far.

And, buddy, you can bet if I were gay, I'd get down on one knee , I'd suck your dick, and I'd say, "Will you marry me today?"

Because, I can't live without you, Skwid. I need you in my life. I want you to be my wife.

But, that is not the circumstance and I am 10,000% content with you being my best friend.
Track Name: Sick of It
One day I woke up and realized how much I hate everything, I'm sick of all the bullshit day to day. And, nothing seems to pacify the thought of me not being alive, cuz, maybe then, I'd finally get some rest.

I'm sick of it

My everyday routine is a joke, I wake up think about you, go to work, and come home to get drunk and pass out and dream of you. I want out.

I'm sick of it

One day I woke up and realized how deep I'm in over my head, I reach up to the sky and feeling the wind. My finger tips desensitize and suddenly I don't feel my eyes, It's running all the way into my heart (first verse)

So, finally I'll rest in the dirt, the bugs and worms will eat me, but, I know it won't hurt, cuz I'm done, you won't see me now cuz I'm gone, yes I'm done, yes I'm gone.
Track Name: Light Headed
I lay your body in my mouth
You numb my tongue and I can't speak
I don't want to be here for now
But, things will change and you will grow on me

So, please try to stay awake with me
I can't stand to be alone in the dark anymore
When I close my eyes, my head fills with light and my mind tries to die